On Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 2:01 PM, Kim Madsen <php....@emax.dk> wrote:

> Christoph Boget wrote on 26/01/2010 21:17:
>  I've looked through the docs but was unable to find out if this is
>> possible;
>> I hope it is.  Is there a way that you get the size/length of the
>> collection
>> to be iterated (e.g. the total number of files) without having to iterate
>> through at least once?
> On Linux with safe mode off you can call system("du -hcs THE_DIR") to get
> the size of all files, no iterations needed.

right, thats the size, not a count of them.

> Number of files could be a find command piped into wc -l, called from
> system(), like find . -name "*" | wc -l (but that would count dirs aswell)

right, so on linux, you need to iterate over the filesystem to get a count
(unless someone knows a magic command the os / shell provides which returns
this info in a single call).


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