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>First of all writing pages in this old fashioned .cgi sort of way is so
>1990's. Concatenating your whole page to a giant string is silly and
>defeats the benefits (and purpose) of using PHP.
>I'm actually in the process of porting a HUGE site from that style to a
>more sane MVC and PHPish way right now. It makes me cringe every day I have
>to look at 'old' code.

I suggest you read the question that started all this. 

I don't know why you should want to store a compiled page, but someone asked 
how they
could do it, and I have suggested one way.  PHP doesn't seem to have any 
problems with
long strings (file_put_contents & file_get_contents actually treat the contents 
as a
string, and they don't slow down till the length grows past ~100k), so if you 
did, this
would work as well as any other way.

And however you generate a web page, it is effectively sent to the browser as a 
(which can include linefeeds and all the rest) so this would work regardless of 
fancy tricks you used to generate it.

(And I don't open HTML e-mails if I can possibly avoid it.)

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