I've done this a couple of times. Usually best is to grab a couple of free online dictionary lists. One for peoples names, another for business names, then just randomly pull the data from the dictionaries. Addresses, websites, phone numbers, and zip codes can all be randomly generated, or you can use the GEONames database <> to generate actual locations.

Also, wasn't there some test data available by MySQL? I think it was the Sakila <>database <>.

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Shawn McKenzie wrote:
Brian Dunning wrote:
Hey all -

I need a few million sample contact records - name, company, address, email, 
web, phone, fax. ZIP codes and area codes and street addresses should be 
correct and properly formatted, but preferably not real people or companies or 
email addresses. But they'd work if you did address validation or mapping. 
Anyone have a suggestion?

- Brian

It should be easy to code a routine to generate random data.  Maybe 20 -
30 lines of code.  Obviously you may have a name like Dgidfgq Xcvbop and
company Wsdkn, but it shouldn't matter if testing is your purpose.

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