If you need "verifiable" mailing addresses (actual street/city/state/zip 
combinations), you should look at some of the databases the USPS (usps.com) 
has available. They are mostly for tracking delivery statistics, and the like, 
but as a side effect they list streets all over the USA. The only thing you 
won't have are street numbers and names, but you can easily generate random 
combinations there.

By the way, if you need real-sounding names you can get a pile of first names 
from http://www.socialsecurity.gov/OACT/babynames/decades/names2000s.html; I 
used that information as part of security screening for a registration system.


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>Brian Dunning wrote:
>> Hey all -
>> I need a few million sample contact records - name, company, address, 
>> email,
>web, phone, fax. ZIP codes and area codes and street addresses should be
>correct and properly formatted, but preferably not real people or companies 
>email addresses. But they'd work if you did address validation or mapping.
>Anyone have a suggestion?
>> - Brian
>It should be easy to code a routine to generate random data.  Maybe 20 -
>30 lines of code.  Obviously you may have a name like Dgidfgq Xcvbop and
>company Wsdkn, but it shouldn't matter if testing is your purpose.
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