I have a function that uses tidy to attempt to clean up a bunch of crappy HTML 
that I inherited.  In order to use tidy, I write the crappy HTML to a temporary 
file on disk, run tidy, and extract and return the clean(er) HTML.  The program 
itself works fine but with all of the disk access, it runs quite slowly.  I saw 
on this page (http://www.php.net/manual/en/wrappers.php.php) that I could write 
to memory by using php://memory.  Unfortunately, I could not quite get it to 
work.  The problem is that in the below function, the code within the [[[if 
(file_exists($dirty_file_path))]]] does not get run if I change 
[[[$dirty_file_path]]] to "php://memory".  Has anyone ever successfully used 
php://memory before?  If so, what can I do to use it in my code?  Thank you.

function cleanUpHtml($dirty_html, $enclose_text=true) {

        $parent_dir = "/filesWrittenFromPHP/";
        $now = time();
        $random = rand();
        //save dirty html to a file so tidy can process it
        $dirty_file_path = $parent_dir . "dirty" . $now . "-" . $random . 
        $dirty_handle = fopen($dirty_file_path, "w");
        fwrite($dirty_handle, $dirty_html);

        $cleaned_html = "";
        $start = 0;
        $end = 0;

        if (file_exists($dirty_file_path)) {
                exec("/usr/local/bin/tidy -miq -wrap 0 -asxhtml --doctype 
strict --preserve-entities yes --css-prefix \"tidy\" --tidy-mark no 
--char-encoding utf8 --drop-proprietary-attributes yes  --fix-uri yes " . 
($enclose_text ? "--enclose-text yes " : "") . $dirty_file_path . " 2> 

                $tidied_html = file_get_contents($dirty_file_path);
                $start = strpos($tidied_html, "<body>") + 6;
                $end = strpos($tidied_html, "</body>") - 1;
                $cleaned_html = trim(substr($tidied_html, $start, ($end - 

        return $cleaned_html;

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