Al wrote:
> This is a bit off subject, but....
> What is your opinion on OpenID?

openID & foaf+ssl are the future without a doubt, openid is a step in
the right direction; most important factor is giving every person a http
identifier (URI); because then you can start linking data together.

article -> dc:creator -> "al"; <-- means nothing

so we give you a unique identifier which can be looked up to
authenticate you, get more info about you etc.

article -> dc:creator -> ""; <-- means everything

> Are you using it?


> Is it worth the trouble?

the trouble is not using it; so yes more than worth it

> What php code applic, or did you code your own?

various, rolled my own + recently used zend_openid which is v good;
here's a list:

> Pear has an alpha release OpenID, anyone try or using it?

would stick to the ones on the page above ^^ also many plugins for
drupal, wordpress, various cms's etc which work out of the box.

would completely reverse this back to you; can you think of one good
reason *not* to use openid?


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