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> This is a bit off subject, but....
> What is your opinion on OpenID?

Failed gimick. 
Tried to resurface again about a year ago. 
Still seems like failure.


> Are you using it?

Uhm, no. 
I've got more important things to worry about and implement.

> Is it worth the trouble?

I hear it's relatively simple to implement, but even then it's just another
hassle you have to test and work with forever (or eventually drop it as
some sites have).

> What php code applic, or did you code your own?
> Pear has an alpha release OpenID, anyone try or using it?


It sounds great in theory, but I see it as a solution in search of a
problem. Sure everyone has a bajillion logins, but you know what, the
browser has solved that long ago by remembering my user/pass for each and
every site. Most sites also conveniently store a cookie hash so you don't
even have to login -- it just knows you if you use the same computer to

There is an inherent distrust when you are re-directed somewhere -- I don't
even like to get redirected to PayPal from eBay, and they're the same
company! :)

It's too "techy" for Jane Average and too cumbersome for Joe Savvy. 


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