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Ryan S wrote:
Thanks for the reply Michael, Robert and Jochem,

makes sense, a native windows app is going to look more in place than any of 
the demos and graphics i have seen of GTK.

Was also looking at GTK-Builder, unfortunately you really have to hunt for each 
scrap of new info - which is why I'm guessing open source falls back a bit 
compared to M$'s offerings.

MS shoehorning something into dotnet sounds interesting, will ask my pal google 
what he can bring up ;)
I did read about FLEX but i have pretty much complete php scripts that i want 
to use in a desktop environment, FLEX wouldnt do for my (present) needs.

Will look up WxWidgets and HipHop (somehow i get the feeling i'm gonna be 
drowned in millions of results that have rap lyrics instead of programming 
information - should be a test of my patience :-))    )

Anyone have anything more to add/advise, please do so.
Don't look at WxWidgets, I was wrong about that... it's WinBinder you want to look at. You shouldbe pretty good looking up HipHop if you include PHP in the keywords list :)

In fact "php hiphop" hits the right stride in the top entries (I just did a check :) Heck, hiphop alone gets you some of the info on the PHP version in the first page of results.

Application and Templating Framework for PHP

Personally, I'd go with a more suitable language for desktop application
development. PHP, to me, is great for two things: websites and command
line scripts. If I wanted to develop for the desktop market, I'd go with
either C++ and compile for each environment as needed, or go with .Net
or Java to make it more portable. It might make more sense to convert
some of your existing PHP code into a different language.

In many cases I'd agree with you, but the OP indicated they have existing code/libraries that they want to leverage. In this case, I'm not so certain creating a second redundant library in the desktop oriented language of choice, such that you now have two codebases to maintain, is a compelling argument in favour of such a move.

Application and Templating Framework for PHP

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