I am trying to open a blocking stream using fsockopen. I want to write and read 
XML input/output from a server. After opening the steam I will send a XML 
request to server using the stream. Once this request is sent, I want to keep 
listening on the port indefinitely.

I tried using blocking stream for this with a huge timeout. But had no success 
as it was not waiting for such a long period.


$parser = xml_parser_create("UTF-8");

if($stream = @fsockopen($host, $port, $errorno, $errorstr, $timeout)) {

stream_set_blocking($stream, 1);

stream_set_timeout($stream, TIMEOUT);

fwrite($stream, $xml."n");


while (!feof($stream)) {

$data = fread($stream, 1024);

xml_parse($parser, $data, feof($stream));



$xml has the xml to be sent. TIMEOUT is set to 3600*24 and $timeout is set to 
300. As it is a blocking stream, till the data is not arrived, feof should not 
happen. But in this case, the stream is not waiting and returning eof. What is 
the problem with this code?

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