Phani Raju wrote:
> I am trying to open a blocking stream using fsockopen. I want to write and 
> read XML input/output from a server. After opening the steam I will send a 
> XML request to server using the stream. Once this request is sent, I want to 
> keep listening on the port indefinitely.
> I tried using blocking stream for this with a huge timeout. But had no 
> success as it was not waiting for such a long period.
> Code:
> $parser = xml_parser_create("UTF-8");
> if($stream = @fsockopen($host, $port, $errorno, $errorstr, $timeout)) {
> stream_set_blocking($stream, 1);
> stream_set_timeout($stream, TIMEOUT);
> fwrite($stream, $xml."n");

fwrite($stream, $xml."n") should probably be fwrite($stream, $xml."\n") ?

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