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On 2/8/10, Brian Dunning <> wrote:
> Hey all -
> I'm selling a custom PHP solution to FileMaker users. It uses FileMaker's
> PHP API, so everyone who has FileMaker Server is already set up to use it,
> but very few of them have any knowledge of how to set up a server or do
> anything PHP related. But I do want to add some level of code obfuscation to
> prevent them from making simple changes to my code that allow them to exceed
> the privileges they've purchased.
> I've looked at custom code encryption services like Ioncube and phpCipher,
> but in my estimation, deploying the needed server-side code for these is
> going to be beyond the capabilities of a large segment of my customers. I
> would rather have a few customers cheat me than offer a product that most
> customers are unable to figure out how to run.
> So I was thinking of doing something like base64_encoding the crucial chunk
> of my code (maybe 20 lines worth) and using
> eval(base64_decode($that_content)) to run it. I figure that will scare away
> most of the customers who might be able to edit my code. Can anyone suggest
> something that goes one better?
> - Brian
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