Robert Cummings wrote:
> Nathan Rixham wrote:
>> Robert Cummings wrote:
>>> Michael A. Peters wrote:
>>>> Nathan Rixham wrote:
>>>>> Michael A. Peters wrote:
>>>>>> It took very little work since I was essentially doing that already.
>>>>>> aside is the most logical html 5 layout tag for describing the
>>>>>> sidebar
>>>>>> in a two column layout.
>>> The description put forth by the W3C most closely matches number 2 for
>>> the noun "aside".
>> yup - aside the noun
>> "The most common misconception of how this element should be used is for
>> the standard sidebar." - see:
> Unfortunatley I examined that side quite thoroughly and got smacked with
> a link to the W3C Editor's Draft. I stand corrected by ignorance:
>     "The element can be used for typographical effects like pull
>      quotes or sidebars, for advertising, for groups of nav elements,
>      and for other content that is considered separate from the main
>      content of the page."
> Looks like the W3C watered it down to appease the worlds morons. I mean
> seriously... for advertising?? I have a better tag for that:
>     <crap>
>         Buy my shit now... 50% off!!!
>     </crap>
> Seriously, then screen readers would know exactly what not to read to
> their listeners. Of course, it wouldn't get used... someone would use
> <aside> instead :B
> Oh, well... so much for the much anticipated semantic web. I shall
> strive to use it correctly, as I'm sure the original author intended.
> <aside>
>     I think I need a snack... all this abuse of English is making
>     me hungry :B
> </aside>


and after all that; they should change it back to <sidebar>

this is what happens when google & apple work on the same thing :p

what we need is an element that we can ignore when working out what a
page is about.. ahh get them to stick all their bollocks in an aside!


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