Op 2/11/10 4:37 AM, Teus Benschop schreef:
> Good day,
> May I ask you, gurus, whether it is possible to set a flag in PHP that
> persists for the duration of the server being switched on?
> If the server would be power cycled, the flag would be off. Similarly if
> the web server would be restarted the flag would be off also.
> I do realize that such a thing would be possible to be done in MySQL by
> using a table with flags in memory: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS timer
> (flag int) ENGINE = MEMORY;
> But is this also possible in PHP?

take a look at memcache, or APC in terms of memory storage, although it might 
be possible
to have the web server setup a $_ENV value (I do this myself sometimes with the
mod_rewrite extension of apache).

as such php is a 'share nothing' architecture - so essentially there is no 
concept of
server level global/persisent vars. if your coming from .NET or Java et al this 
may be a
little shocking but it is by design, it requires a somewhat different approach 
to application design.

> Thanks for any help,
> Teus Benschop

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