On Thu, 2010-02-11 at 05:53 +0000, Jochem Maas wrote:
> whatever it is that your trying to do, it sounds like one of two things:
> 1. you have hosting that is unsuitable for your needs
> 2. you are tackling the problem incorrectly
> at any rate, as far I'm concerned, you should never have a long running
> php process via a web server. (obviously this is the point that someone
> posts a brilliant use case to prove me wrong ;-)
> could you detail what is is you're actuallt trying to do, chances are people
> have:
> a. got a better alternative
> b. already invented the particular wheel you're trying to build
> c. you really do need shell (or even just control panel) access to run a cron 
> job

What I am trying to achieve is to have a php script run once a minute
and do a few tasks. There are some constraints:
- Users usually install the php application on their local machines, be
it Linux, Windows, or Macintosh.
- The application is defined as needing zero-configuration, i.e. it runs
out of the box.


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