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PS. from a semantics POV, Robert Cummings is, IMHO, spot on in his assessment - I do enjoy his posts, he's a sharp cookie with plenty to offer and I always enjoy reading his
argumentation and opinion!

With the danger of Rob becoming insufferable, I enjoy and also learn from Rob's opinion, advice, and practice. He is undoubtedly sharp and probably too intelligent for this list. But until he realizes that, we'll continue to gain from his contribution.

Bleh, I dunno about all that... even if I were too smart for the list, I love the list for the feeling of community... it takes more than just me for that feeling. I thank all the people on the list who make it a pleasure to read and learn, and who don't take discussion/argumentation personally. I learn many things from the members on this list too and I'm never afraid to admit when I'm wrong. Mere discussion that exposes the many facets of an issue is a great way to advance one's thinking regardless of whether it confirms your original viewpoint or not. Thanks again to all on this list.

PS: I agree with most of what he practices except for bracket spacing. :-)

Everyone's a critic :D


*lol* Almost got caught posting to W3.org again ;)

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