On 2/13/2010 1:56 PM, Jonathan Sachs wrote:
I'm looking for a report generator which will be used to create
management reports for my client from a MySQL database. The web site
is implemented in PHP.

Some characteristics that would be nice to have, roughly in order of

* It is moderately priced (a few hundred dollars at most) or free.

* A developer can easily learn to create moderately complex reports.

* A developer can easily add code to provide functionality not
supported by the generator.

* The generator can be installed on a shared server (it doesn't
require any unusual extensions or changes to php.ino or the server

* A non-technical user can easily learn to create simple reports
without help.

A client-server solution is OK. The client has to run on Windows.

I've found one PHP product so far, phpreports. There are many other
reporting tools that might be suitable, but most of them seem to be
written in Java, or else they're black boxes.

Has anyone had experience with report generators that meet these
criteria? What would you recommend; what would you stay away from?

Try Source Forge.....

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