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I'm looking for a report generator which will be used to create
management reports for my client from a MySQL database....

Has anyone had experience with report generators that meet these
criteria? What would you recommend; what would you stay away from?

Try Source Forge.....

Al: I appreciate your effort to be helpful, but if you review my
original post, you'll find that the question you answered is not the
one I asked.

I hope that others who have used one or more report generators will
share their thoughts.

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I like BIRT, and pentaho is nice to. In our office we rolled our own. The chief issue with any report gen tool is that in most cases the user needs to understand the basics of SQL in order to be able to create meaningful reports. That is where most of our support time goes for the tool. It's hard to train clients to do anything beyond simple 1 table reports.

Our tool uses mutli select boxes to choose tables and fields, which is ok if you know SQL and what the fields do. BIRT uses a java interface with drag and drop so from a user perspective it's somewhat easier to do, but you need to have your db set up so that the tool can understand the relationships between the tables.

I would suggest that you start with BIRT and then add a clause to the support contracts that each report that you need to be involved in will cost $50 or so to cover your time when the tool gets too complicated for the users. Perhaps a series of common canned reports could also be included to help make the sale.


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