Ben Miller wrote:

I'm building a site for a client that has a need to allow their users to
upload large files (up to 100mb or more) and store them on the server.  I've
never had a need to work with PHP's FTP functions until now and, before I go
reading the manual to learn how, I wanted to see if this something that I
can handle with just PHP, or if I'm going to need to adopt a third party
Ajax app or something like that?  Any thoughts or even a point in the right
direction would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,

The PHP FTP functions are for client access to a remote server, not so that PHP can act as an FTP server. To resolve the issue you'll have to either give them FTP access, SSH access, or allow huge uploads. If you insist on doing it via PHP, you can use a .htaccess configuration in the directory containing the upload script to override the upload/post maximum sizes for PHP. Similarly, you'll need to increase max execution time. Since these are clients, I presume they have been authenticated first (otherwise you're opening yourself up to DoS). Alternatively you could use a Flash plugin or Java applet to facilitate the upload.

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