Ben Miller wrote:

I'm building a site for a client that has a need to allow their users to
upload large files (up to 100mb or more) and store them on the server.  I've
never had a need to work with PHP's FTP functions until now and, before I go
reading the manual to learn how, I wanted to see if this something that I
can handle with just PHP, or if I'm going to need to adopt a third party
Ajax app or something like that?  Any thoughts or even a point in the right
direction would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,

You might want to look at how the mozilla add-on firefogg does it.
They have server code example for php.

Basically it splits the file up into chunks (as it encodes it but encoding isn't your concern) and when a chunk is received, message is sent back to the client telling the client it is OK to send the next chunk.

It may be dependent upon browser functionality though, since it is the browser that splits the large upload into smaller manageable chunks.

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