I use Kim's solution and take it one step forward. Htacces files can get lost or corrupted, so....

In my  config file I have the text string.

//region******** htaccess file text ********
// Code writes to /db folder; Admin mode checks file existence and text; replaces with this if different.

$htaccessText = <<<hta
# Prevent Direct Access to MiniRegDB DB Files
<Files *>
Order Deny,Allow
Deny from all

In my main control file I call this function

* checkHTaccessFile()
* Checks and restores htaccess  Prevent Direct Access to MiniRegDB Program Files
* @param mixed $htaccessText in config file
* @return
function checkHTaccessFile($htaccessText)
if(file_exists(MINIREG_DATA_DIR . '.htaccess') && file_get_contents(MINIREG_DATA_DIR . '.htaccess') == $htaccessText) return true;

    file_put_contents(MINIREG_DATA_DIR . '.htaccess', $htaccessText);
    return true;

On 2/20/2010 4:05 AM, Kim Madsen wrote:
Michael Stroh wrote on 19/02/2010 19:19:
I have a site I'm working on with some data that I want to be
readable by anyone, but some files that I want to keep hidden from
outside users. Here is an example of my file structure.

 > /products/data2/item_2/data.txt

since no one has suggested it then... if you're on an Apache webserver
use a .htaccess file in data2 which contains:

Deny from all
Allow from none

That will do the trick and PHP can still fetch the files in data2 and
serve it to the user.

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