On 2/21/2010 9:11 AM, Kim Madsen wrote:
Al wrote on 20/02/2010 19:30:
I use Kim's solution and take it one step forward. Htacces files can
get lost or corrupted, so....

No solution to that problem as I see it.

In my config file I have the text string.

I like the idea, but what if this file is never accessed?

Generally my applications have Admins and Users. Admins visit every day or two; when they do, function checkHTaccessFile($htaccessText) gets called.

It can also be called when Users visit, which is of course more often. This option is set in the config file.

If someone is particularly concerned a cronjob to run every x hours will also work. This seems to me to be a bit of overkill.

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