On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 03:37:38PM +1000, Angus Mann wrote:

> Hi all. I know this is not strictly a PHP question but the code will be 
> written in PHP, and I figure the folks here will be well versed in the 
> questions I raise. Please feel free to contact me off the list if appropriate.
> I need some assistance with database design for a project I'm coding in PHP. 
> I'm willing to pay for the advice, since I think it will be a bit complex. I 
> plan to use MySQLi

Not sure why you want to use MySQLi, but I would suggest using PDO
functions instead. Either way, I'd design a wrapper class around
whatever library you use, to simplify error trapping, make the interface
simpler and more orthogonal, and improve portability. I've never
understood why they didn't provide such an overall wrapper class for the
PDO library. Having three separate PDO classes only complicates the
interface to the library.


Paul M. Foster

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