Nathan Rixham wrote:
Angus Mann wrote:
Hi all. I know this is not strictly a PHP question but the code will be written 
in PHP, and I figure the folks here will be well versed in the questions I 
raise. Please feel free to contact me off the list if appropriate.

I need some assistance with database design for a project I'm coding in PHP. 
I'm willing to pay for the advice, since I think it will be a bit complex. I 
plan to use MySQLi

If anybody feels they can assist, or can point elsewhere please feel free to 
contact me off list, or reply to the list if you think appropriate.

Best tip I can give is to model out all your data first (using UML or
suchlike) then figure out the tables to hold it from that; your database
should not dictate the model of the data; also if you design to a model
then your codebase need never change when it becomes time to change to a
different RDMBS or even a completely different way of persisting your
data :)

Although, and I'm just raising awareness here since there's nothing inherently wrong with what Nathan has said... when you design to a model specifically, rather than to the target medium, your solution will be almost certainly be less efficient. Also, there are different skills to be had from the tree of learning. If you build to the model first then you learn to abstract. If you build to a specific medium and then later need to change mediums, then you learn to refactor. Given the wide amount of crappy code in existence... the latter IMHO, is the more useful skill in most scenarios... but then again, you'll probably get lots and lots of practice at that anyways :B

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