Hi All,

I have a working application in PHP 5.3 under IIS6. I've created a WAMP server 
(Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) on a dedicated server, and I'm trying to move the 
application to the new, dedicated server.

My first problem, the new server doesn't like this line of code in the 
<?php include('force_ssl.php');?>

(It works fine on the current server)

If I remove the above line, the page shows fine. If the line is there, the page 
cannot be displayed (not sure how to make it show the actual error, since error 
logging is on, and error_reporting = E_ALL)

In the Apache httpd.conf file, I have the following:
<Directory "c:/wamp/www/myapplicationfolder">
    DirectoryIndex default.php
    Options FollowSymLinks Includes
    Allow from all

I'm assuming this allows "includes"....

Does anyone have any idea?

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