David Stoltz wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have a working application in PHP 5.3 under IIS6. I've created a WAMP 
> server (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) on a dedicated server, and I'm trying to 
> move the application to the new, dedicated server.
> My first problem, the new server doesn't like this line of code in the 
> default.php:
> <?php include('force_ssl.php');?>
> (It works fine on the current server)
> If I remove the above line, the page shows fine. If the line is there, the 
> page cannot be displayed (not sure how to make it show the actual error, 
> since error logging is on, and error_reporting = E_ALL)
> In the Apache httpd.conf file, I have the following:
> <Directory "c:/wamp/www/myapplicationfolder">
>     DirectoryIndex default.php
>     Options FollowSymLinks Includes
>     Allow from all
> </Directory>
> I'm assuming this allows "includes"....
> Does anyone have any idea?

First off, please start a new message instead of taking someones message
changing the subject and "trying" to call it your own.

Besides that...

Sounds like you have an include issue.

On the WAMP setup, modify your php.ini file so it will display_errors = on and
error_reporting = E_ALL

restart apache and you will see any errors that are being generated.

The directory block that you are showing us has nothing to do with PHP's include
process.  The only thing that it does it set the DirectoryIndex to use
default.php instead of the index.htm, index.html, or index.php

Basically, with PHP, you need to make sure that anything you include is actually
in your include path.  Check that and let us know what you find.

Jim Lucas
NOC Manager
BendTel, Inc.

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