At 5:14 PM +0100 3/1/10, Auke van Slooten wrote:
Hi everyone,

I'm doing a small hobby project to better my understanding of php5, specifically php5.3 and I'm wondering when a namespaced project is better and when it is better to simply use a prefix to all class names.

I've been trying to get a feeling for what is considered the best practice, but most of the pages dealing with namespaces start with the assumption that you are building a complex application with lots of modules and say things like:

Namespaces should be all lowercase and must follow the following conention:

(thats from the php.standards mailing list btw)

In my case the project is a single module, single php file, with about 6 classes. It is an OO wrapper for PHP's xmlrpc methods (client and server) and meant to be used in a number of different projects.

Is it considered a good idea to use a namespace in such a case? And if so, what should that be? I've named the project 'ripcord', and used that as a namespace as well. I could probably name it 'muze.ripcord', but somehow that feels less 'open' to me.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts,
Auke van Slooten
Muze (

Tie it to your url, such as:

That would be sufficient and unique as a namespace under your control.




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