I use namespaces within my web framework because the framework takes a more
functional approach (no objects are created within the framework other than
from existing classes such as PDO or Exception, immutability is promoted,
etc.), and in this context, the namespaces felt quite natural for breaking
up the various groupings of functions.

My framework does require PHP 5.3, and, honestly that has caused some pain
in some situations to get that supported.

However, using namespaces does offer some flexibility that naming
conventions can't.  If the objects in your framework make use of frequent
static method calls, maybe it's worth it.  For instance, if you've used the
naming convention, you might have to call a static method like below:


Namespaces allow you to shorten subsequent calls, such as:

use App\Util\DB\Query as Query;


Just a quick couple thoughts on the decision.  Both have their strengths :)


On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 11:14 AM, Auke van Slooten <a...@muze.nl> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I'm doing a small hobby project to better my understanding of php5,
> specifically php5.3 and I'm wondering when a namespaced project is better
> and when it is better to simply use a prefix to all class names.
> I've been trying to get a feeling for what is considered the best practice,
> but most of the pages dealing with namespaces start with the assumption that
> you are building a complex application with lots of modules and say things
> like:
> Namespaces should be all lowercase and must follow the following conention:
>   <vendor>\<package_name>\
> (thats from the php.standards mailing list btw)
> In my case the project is a single module, single php file, with about 6
> classes. It is an OO wrapper for PHP's xmlrpc methods (client and server)
> and meant to be used in a number of different projects.
> Is it considered a good idea to use a namespace in such a case? And if so,
> what should that be? I've named the project 'ripcord', and used that as a
> namespace as well. I could probably name it 'muze.ripcord', but somehow that
> feels less 'open' to me.
> Thanks in advance for any thoughts,
> Auke van Slooten
> Muze (www.muze.nl)
> PS. The project is at http://code.google.com/p/ripcord/, the PHP5.3
> version is at
> http://code.google.com/p/ripcord/source/browse/#svn/branches/php5.3
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