What we've done is use VMWare Workstation (free fully working trial
available) to build a LAMP VM. 

VMWare Player is a free download to anyone, so we just send the VM (.vmdk
files, etc.) and they run it.

The same could be done with VirtualBox or the Virtualization tool of your

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> Subject: [PHP] App to put a whole PHP Site in CD/DVD
> Hi,
> I need an application to run mysql/php/apache or similar in one cd, to
> make a presentation.
> The presentation itself is a php site that uses mysql to do some
> queries, to show data, and I would like to know how to embbed php and
> mysql to one cd for a presentation. I mean; one cd containing the
> whole site, and when the user inserts it on the cd/dvd reader it's
> able to use the website like if him/her would be using the http
> protocol. So, this application should let me put mysql/php/apache in
> the cd, then it should work from the cd.
> I would like to use some free software application, I would like to
> avoid using commercial branches because I need this for a commercial
> project that isn't able to pay licenses. Also I preffer Free Software.
> So, if you know some appplication that helps me to develop this, and
> also if I would be able to make the cd multiplatform for the principal
> OS ( Gnu/linux, win, mac ) even better.
> Thanks a lot.
> Juan
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