ThinAPP by VMware is  a better alternative I think, it makes the VM into an
EXE, so autorun will load the exe, which you can set a windows or full
screen. Of course this isn't  free.

Also RoadsendPHP  can package an app in offline mode,
with an embedded web server (MicroServer).  

Depending on your needs not sure which is most applicable for you.
But its atleast free :) and you could compile for linux and windows and let
autorun launch the windows one and users launch the linux one.


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What we've done is use VMWare Workstation (free fully working trial
available) to build a LAMP VM. 

VMWare Player is a free download to anyone, so we just send the VM (.vmdk
files, etc.) and they run it.

The same could be done with VirtualBox or the Virtualization tool of your

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> Subject: [PHP] App to put a whole PHP Site in CD/DVD
> Hi,
> I need an application to run mysql/php/apache or similar in one cd, to
> make a presentation.
> The presentation itself is a php site that uses mysql to do some
> queries, to show data, and I would like to know how to embbed php and
> mysql to one cd for a presentation. I mean; one cd containing the
> whole site, and when the user inserts it on the cd/dvd reader it's
> able to use the website like if him/her would be using the http
> protocol. So, this application should let me put mysql/php/apache in
> the cd, then it should work from the cd.
> I would like to use some free software application, I would like to
> avoid using commercial branches because I need this for a commercial
> project that isn't able to pay licenses. Also I preffer Free Software.
> So, if you know some appplication that helps me to develop this, and
> also if I would be able to make the cd multiplatform for the principal
> OS ( Gnu/linux, win, mac ) even better.
> Thanks a lot.
> Juan
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