Martine Osias wrote:

> An HTML/PHP code migrated to a different hosting platform seems to behave
> differently. The PHP statements within HTML fields or within tables  does
> not execute
> PHP within table:
> <tr>
>  <td
>  align="left"><?="&laquo;".$_SESSION['scripture_text']."&raquo;"?></td>
>  </tr>
> This PHP code doesn't print in the HTML page.
> PHP within form field:
> <input type="text" name="reservation_date" value="<?=$_GET['rdate'];?>"
> readonly="">
> This PHP code shows on the page when it shouldn't. The same variable is an
> input and an output in this form:
> ********************************************
<snip code>
> Are there times when the <? statements in HTML code don't execute?

Yes - when short_open_tag is disabled in the config. See for more info.

I'd suggest you move away from using short tags, if for no other reason than

David Robley

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