At 5:54 PM +0000 3/15/10, Jochem Maas wrote:
Op 3/13/10 3:49 PM, Jorge Gomes schreef:
 First of all, i recommend the use of normal php tags (<?php ...  ?>) because
 the short tags are atm marked as* **DEPRECATED*.

that's a documentation error.

 You should also echo your values to the page, instead using the shortcut <?=
 (stop being a lazy ass! :P):

it's not lazy, it's succinct and much easier to read (once you know what it means),

Yes, but like all web languages, they don't live in a vacuum -- they must play well with others to survive. Programming is dynamic not static.

While using "<?=" identifies what follows "to you", it doesn't "to others" and therein lies the problem. If XML (and possibility others) don't accept the short term tag, then why use it?

Using "Standards" like this help promote better communication between all languages -- what's wrong with that? Simply put, either communicate better or don't -- that's your choice -- but your decision is also a demonstration to your client/employer/peers as to your desire to produce the "best" possible code.

I look at code containing "<?=" the same way as I see html containing tables and embedded styling for presentation -- "This must be old code OR the programmer still doesn't get it".




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