2010/3/18 tedd <tedd.sperl...@gmail.com>:
> Calling it "ranting" or "religious" unjustly demeans the discussion and is
> inflammatory.
> In all of this, I've simply said it's your choice.

What I said was:
*persons ranting about short open tags* *are just like some religious people

I did not address you.

On the other hand you're telling people here that their approach is "worse"
and yours is great. IMHO this isn't a discussion but bashing without any
You simply say that XML is confused by a short open tag, but actually PHP is
not embedded in XML.

I quote you:
> that's your choice -- but your decision is also a demonstration to your
client/employer/peers as to your desire to produce the "best" possible code.
> I look at code containing "<?=" the same way as I see html containing
tables and embedded styling for presentation -- "This must be old code OR
the programmer still doesn't get it".

You make it very clear that you believe in your superior coding style.

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