On 17/03/10 18:59, Tommy Pham wrote:
On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 11:01 AM, Rene Veerman<rene7...@gmail.com>  wrote:
hmm.. seems easier to me to push a filetree of .php's with<?= through
the str_replace(), than it is to get all the<?= writers to comply
with your wishes, which may not apply to their situation ;-)

On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 5:14 PM, tedd<tedd.sperl...@gmail.com>  wrote:
At 8:55 PM -0400 3/16/10, Adam Richardson wrote:

That said, I'm not taking exception with those who don't use the short
tag, only with those who say I shouldn't.

Exception or not, it's still your choice and using short tags can cause

My view, why create problems when there is a solution? Forcing the issue is
a bit like "I'm going to do it my way regardless!" I've traveled that path
too many times in my life. Sometimes it's easier to take the path most


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"There are four different pairs of opening and closing tags which can
be used in PHP. Two of those,<?php ?>  and<script language="php">
</script>, are always available. The other two are short tags and ASP
style tags, and can be turned on and off from the php.ini
configuration file. As such, while some people find short tags and ASP
style tags convenient, they are less portable, and generally not
recommended. "

But the implication there is that they are *only* non-portable *because* they can be switched off - there's no other strong reason. Before anyone jumps in with XML / XHTML arguments again, those issues are fairly rare and very easily worked around. My projects tend to use XHTML doctype because it makes IE7/8 behave more predictably without a <?xml ?> block, and I always use short tags for <?= because the alternative is so ugly! In the rare cases where I generate XML from a PHP script, there are workarounds for the <? problem.
I do tend to use <?php for blocks of code - so I guess I'm in the middle camp 
I also write code to be hosted on dedicated systems that I have full control over, so php.ini settings are always in my control (so far...)

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