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> Tommy Pham wrote:
>>> How exactly will threading in PHP help with the size of the database?
>>> That makes no sense to me, please help me understand how you think threading
>>> will help in this scenario.
>> Looking at my example, not just the rows....  There are other features
>> that require queries to a DB for simple request of a category by a
>> shopper,  instead of running those queries in series, running them in
>> parallel would yield better response time.
>>> Database size issues are tackled with clustering, caching and DB
>>> optimisation. Threading in the language accessing the DB has no advantage
>>> here.
>> Yes, it does.  As mentioned several times, instead of running the
>> queries in series, run them in parallel.  If each of the queries takes
>> about .05 to .15 seconds.  How long would it take to run them in
>> serial?  How long do you it take to run them in parallel?
> Any you have a database that can actually handle that?
> If the database is taking 0.1 seconds per query, and you have 10 queries,
> then getting the data is going to take 1 second to generate. If you want
> some slow query to be started, and come back for the data later, then I
> thought we already had that? But again this is part of the database driver
> anyway. No need to add threading to PHP to get the database connection to
> pull data in the most efficient way. And one does not write the driver in
> PHP? We are using C there already?
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Exactly my point.  10 queries taking .1 second each running in serial
is 1 second total.  How long would it take to run all those same
queries simultaneously??? What's so difficult about the concept of
serial vs parallel?

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