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> Hi,
> I want to properly learn object oriented programming as I've been coding in
> procedural style since I started with PHP a few years ago, and want to give
> OOP a shot. The web isn't really a good resource to learn OOP in PHP to be
> honest, as a lot is outdated for PHP4's style of OOP. I've looked into OOP
> quite a bit and understand the concept of it, and want to take it further.
> Any recommendations appreciated :).

I think the Head First Object Oriented Analysis and Design book is a good
place to start.


For PHP, a book I really liked was:


A very clear route to developing OO PHP applications.  There is a sample
winestore application in the last section of the book.

You will still need to use the Web as these books become out of date as soon
as they're published.  I recommend to focus more on the thought process
rather than the actual code in the books.

To really grasp OO in PHP, I recommend checking out a popular open source
PHP Application and go through the code.  A CMS or a framework should

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