> Hi,
> I want to properly learn object oriented programming as I've been coding in
> procedural style since I started with PHP a few years ago, and want to give
> OOP a shot. The web isn't really a good resource to learn OOP in PHP to be
> honest, as a lot is outdated for PHP4's style of OOP. I've looked into OOP
> quite a bit and understand the concept of it, and want to take it further.
> Any recommendations appreciated :).

I bought beginning PHP 5 and MySQL E-Commerce from Novice to Professional by 
Christian Darie and beginning php and MySQL E-Commerce from Novice to 
Professional 2nd edition and they have helped me a lot with OO. It's a 
tutorial book that builds an E-Commerce website from start to finish and 
teaches how to build and use SMARTY templates, how to use PEAR and Ajax.

1st edition


2nd edition

David M.
I have been driven to my knees many times by the overwhelming conviction that 
I had nowhere else to go.

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