I am working on a parser for logs from a spam firewall. The format is
predictable until it reaches a certain point. It then varies greatly.

There are 2 things I want to grab from this area; the size of the
message (if it exists) and the subject (if it exists)

The line might look something like this:

- 2 39 some.text.here SZ:1825 SUBJ: A subject here

but it could also look like this:

5 6 421 Error: timeout

or this:

5 6 421 Client disconnected

All I really want is the value for each, not the prefix stuff. Which
means I still need more below, yuck.

I am doing it like this:

$remainder = explode(" ", $theLine, 18);
                $s_size = '/SZ:\d+/';
                $s_subject = '/SUBJ:.+/';


                if (count($a) > 0) {
                    $size = $a[0];
                } else {
                    $size = 0;

                if (count($b) > 0) {
                    $subject = $b[0];

                } else {
                    $subject = "-";

Is there any way to clean this up a bit?


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