I've already specified the outputs, and it doesn't change if I put it in a

1)In the first scenario, where all the data are compressed together, the
only call of exec('zip') give this output:

adding: bin/ (stored 0%)
adding: bin/startHotFixInstaller.bat (deflated 41%)
adding: bin/startHotFixInstaller.sh (deflated 49%)
adding: software/ (stored 0%)
adding: software/hotfixes/ (stored 0%)
adding: software/hotfixes/hfFolder/ (stored 0%)
adding: software/hotfixes/hfFolder/Patch-632Q3-033/Server/lib/julia.jar
(deflated 4%)
adding: software/hotfixes/hfFolder/Patch-632Q3-033/Server/software/

I snipped the output because it is a lot of the same, but, you'll notice
that in the last line, the status of the file between parenthesis is
missing, which leads me to think it has been interrupted.

I've made a few research in between.Of note, the status with which he
exited. Status 14 for the zip command means "error writing to a file". But
it isn't always at the same files. Also, I upped the value of
"max_input_time" in php.ini from 60 to 600. Before the change the exec
instructions took about 60 seconds before interrupting, after it takes about
180-200 seconds and not 600 as expected.

2)In the second scenario, as said, I copy the previous patch (P14, which
itself is a behemoth of a zip archive that was manually assembled) and then
add and delete only a few folders, each calling the function exec('zip...').
Each time it ends with status 2, which means "unexpected end of zip files".

And there is no output to each of those commands.

As for the single exec('zip..') in 1), the copy() of the previous patch took
about 60 seconds before the php.ini change and about 180-200 seconds after.
I take it that the copy() is interrupted thus explaining the "unexpected end
of zip files" (I can open the original patch P14 without any problem).

I hope I made myself more clear on the details of my problem.

Best Regards,

2010/3/25 Richard Quadling <rquadl...@googlemail.com>

> On 25 March 2010 13:31, Bastien Helders <eldroskan...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I'm really stumped, it seems that although the script is running under
> the
> > time limit, if a single instruction such as exec("zip") in the first
> case,
> > or copy() in the second case are timing out, because it takes too much
> time
> > processing the big file.
> >
> > Is there any configuration in php.ini (or anywhere else) that I could
> change
> > to permit copy() or exec("zip") to run through without being interrupted?
> >
> > Regards,
> > Bastien
> >
> What is the output of the exec when the command fails?
> Not the return value of exec() which is the last line, but the whole
> thing, which is returned in the second parameter.
> If you can't see it due to pushing the file as part of the script,
> then try something like ...
> exec('zip ....', $Output);
> file_put_contents('./ZipResults.txt', $Output);
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