now i'm re-writing some script to output pdf files. the original code
is based on fpdf, but as you know, fpdf can't deal with the characters
in utf8. so i want to change it to tcpdf. there is a class extend from
fpdf, in its constructor function, there is some script just like
"$this->db = $db;". there isn't any variable named "$db" in parent
class(class fpdf) and child class, i have checked it carefully and
"print_r($this)" at the top of child's constructor function. but after
"$this->db=$db", there is a member variable named $db(i have print_r
and check it too). when i change the parent class to tcpdf, although i
haven't change any code in child class and there isn't a member
variable named $db in parent class(class tcpdf), php returns me a
error "TCPDF ERROR: Cannot access protected property / Undefined
property". i print_r($this) at the top of constructor function again
and check whether there is a member variable named $db in both parent
and child class, finally i'm sure there isn't. i think maybe there is
a setting in the parent class(fpdf/tcpdf) here about this condition.
it controls whether you can declare a member variable by equaling it.
i tried to find it out on google or in fpdf/tcpdf sources but i
failed, there are about 16k lines in tcpdf.... so i post this mail to
request some help, is there somebody have any experience about this
case? please help me, thanks a lot.

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