sure, i know fpdf can deal with asian character like Chinese, but it
can't work with utf-8 charactor so that i have to replace it with

On Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 8:14 PM, Richard Quadling
<> wrote:
> On 27 March 2010 17:50, solo hsi <> wrote:
>> now i'm re-writing some script to output pdf files. the original code
>> is based on fpdf, but as you know, fpdf can't deal with the characters
>> in utf8.
> From
> "What languages can I use?
> The class can produce documents in many languages other than the
> Western European ones: Central European, Cyrillic, Greek, Baltic and
> Thai, provided you own TrueType or Type1 fonts with the desired
> character set. Chinese, Japanese and Korean are supported too."
> So, if you have the font for it, you should be able to encode the data
> easily enough. No matter what encoding you are using, unless the font
> you want to use has a glyph for it, you can't use it. This is more
> often the problem I've found.
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