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Andre Polykanine wrote:
Hello everyone,

It's quite simple but I'm still stuck.
What I need is the following: I have an array as a parameter of my
custom function. However, I'd like to allow users to enter a string
instead of an array. In this case (if the parameter is a string), it
must be replaced with an array containing only one item - actually,
that string.
What I'm doing gives me (presumably) errors;
function Send ($tonames, $toemails, $subject, $message) {
if ((!is_array($tonames)) || (!is_array($toemails))) {

I can't give the new array a new name since I address it further in a
loop as my function's parameter... hope you understand what I'm

function send( $tonames , $toemails , $subject , $message )
   $tonames = (array)$tonames;
   $toemails = (array)$toemails;

type juggling is a wonderful thing ;)

Yeah this i the best. It will allow the users to enter a string or an array without affecting processing of your function.

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