On 04/05/10 19:39, Ashley Sheridan wrote:
On Mon, 2010-04-05 at 05:53 +0100, Nathan Rixham wrote:

you sure you're only smoking cigarettes?

has to be one of the most random replies to any php thread I've ever
seen - awesome!


Rene Veerman wrote:
yea i'm not the only one with those type of problems. sometimes times
slows down in my room so much not even my speakers sound normal
anymore; equipment that doesn't work (despite being crappy and known
by it's patterns of refusal to work; still EXTRA abnormal since about
a week or so)...

it sounds like the "who's reading my passwords with me while i type 'm
in... === 'is there anyone looking over my shoulder despite no living
humans even in my entire properly locked room (with strong walls)'....

the idea here is; take a break. work on a different project for a week
or so, but the best idea is; move around through the country side and
realize that your car will get gas at every gasstation... check your
atm cards, but not your online banking account status, just to buy a
pack of cigarettes with an atm card. and then, buy not 1 or 2 packs of
your favorite smokes(cigarettes in this case), but buy 10 packs with
that card, and make sure you have enough good old cash that you know
to be truely valid (coins are best) to get just "2 large packs of

things like that will give you the confidence you need to proceed on
your project i think..

the #1 rule i use (when you dont yet have any need for a #0 rule or a
#-1 rule (dont add those lightly and never on a whim or hope of being
saved from death in the next 5 minutes)) is: truely honest living
humans should never use the same type of lie construct in the same
type of situation for the second time within at least 1 to 3 weeks..
but hey, necessity may require you to break any rule...

rules? only guidelines are usefull ;) (pirates of the caribean #1 movie)

On Sat, Apr 3, 2010 at 1:05 AM, Andre Polykanine<an...@oire.org>  wrote:
Hello everyone,

It's quite simple but I'm still stuck.
What I need is the following: I have an array as a parameter of my
custom function. However, I'd like to allow users to enter a string
instead of an array. In this case (if the parameter is a string), it
must be replaced with an array containing only one item - actually,
that string.
What I'm doing gives me (presumably) errors;
function Send ($tonames, $toemails, $subject, $message) {
if ((!is_array($tonames)) || (!is_array($toemails))) {

I can't give the new array a new name since I address it further in a
loop as my function's parameter... hope you understand what I'm

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Virus maybe?


Now where does a virus come in here LOL ?

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