Javascript is client-side - only way to detect it is to have a page
send back information (post/get). What might work easiest is to have
jquery look for a given cookie upon page render, and if it doesn't
find it, then do an ajax call to the server. On the server side,
initiate a session for the user, set "using_javascript" to false and
update to true if you receive the ajax call.

That aside, why would you need to know in the backend if a user is
running javascript?

On 16 April 2010 13:50, Paulo-WORK <> wrote:
> Hello and thanks for any replies that this message may get.
> I have a issue to solve regarding PHP.
> My website relies heavlly  on jquery and does not dowgrade properly.
> I use codeigniter framework as this website has a backend .
> Is it possible to detect if js is on with php?
> And if so can it be set into a variable?
> Paulo Carvalho
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