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> Hello and thanks for any replies that this message may get.
> I have a issue to solve regarding PHP.
> My website relies heavlly  on jquery and does not dowgrade properly.
> I use codeigniter framework as this website has a backend .
> Is it possible to detect if js is on with php?
> And if so can it be set into a variable?
> Paulo Carvalho

Nope, Javascript is on the client side and PHP is on the server. The
server has very little knowledge of the client, and what information is
sent (browser type, etc) can't be relied upon because browsers are
capable of lying about what they are (in order to make themselves appear
as IE for example)

JQuery should allow the site to fail gracefully into a non-Javascript
version, because of the way the framework is built.

If this is something that you cannot easily do, why don't you just have
PHP output some sort of default message that the site does not work
without Javascript and use CSS to hide the rest of the site that
requires script. Then, in JQuery, it's simple to hide the message and
show the site with a couple of lines of code.

However, I would recommend trying to get your site to fail gracefully if
it's possible, especially if it's going to be used by the public. Many
countries (including Australia, US and most of Europe) have laws
regarding accessibility now, and while the number of actual legal cases
is extremely minor, it's not a good thing to ignore. Not only that, but
even looking at the web stats offered by the W3C it shows that about 5%
have Javascript turned off. Think about the entire world population that
represents and suddenly 5% isn't such a small figure after all!


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