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> "Rainer Kohnen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> > Hi,
> >
> > is there a way to get the full HTTP Header
> > without patching PHP?
> >
> > I use a debugger coded in PHP a lot. Now i need
> > to debug some intershop enfinity pages. However,
> > enfinity uses a lot of fields with the same names.
> > So my debugger overwrites the variables and i get
> > only the last one. As i cant change the code
> > (wouldn't work anymore then) i cant debug without
> > having access to the full http header.
> > (i can make arrays for duplicate variables for
> >  myself then)
> >
> > Same problem with some kind of e-cash system.
> > It validates itself by putting a signature into
> > the header. However, PHP cant validate the header
> > as i have no chance to get the original header.
> > (And i cant rebuild the original header of course)
> >
> > If there is no way without patching to
> > get these informations are there any plans to
> > integrate a function for getting the header
> > in future versions of php?
> >
> > thanks
> >
> Have you tried:
> http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.getallheaders.php
> $headers = getallheaders();
> while (list ($header, $value) = each ($headers)) {
>     echo "$header: $value<br>\n";
> }

Yes, did not work for me.

What i need is the exact content of a POST and the
header itself.

For example: when i check the signature of a header,
how can i know if the header contains:

Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


Content-Type:  application/x-www-form-urlencoded

(note the extra space)

So what i like to have is the exact POST request sent
from the users browser to the apache server as
a single string oder array of strings for each line
(not parsed!).

A POST may look like this:

POST /anmeldung_index.html HTTP/1.0
Host: www.testserver.work
Content-length: 67


As you can see there are 3 times "search" in the POST.
PHP itself will give me only the last one but if i can get
the original request its easy to parse it into an array for

The other problem is with authentication signature:

POST    /anmeldung_index.html    HTTP/1.0
Host: www.testserver.work
signature: 43jgb34u545u6FGH3456hjSDFg2345456-dfg43j45h6gGFGH
Content-length: 67


To verify this i need the exact request, as a string,
not preparsed in any form.

Thanks anyway :)

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