On Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 07:15:11AM -0400, David McGlone wrote:

> Is there a good strategy to studying PHP?
> For instance, is there a way to break everything down into small managable
> topics?

Obviously, a good book will help. I'd recommend O'Reilly's "Programming
PHP". Some of this also depends on whether you have a background in
programming. It's easier if you already know how to code in a different
language; then you really mostly need to know the differences between
the languages.

If you want to learn without the benefit of a book, then I'd suggest
looking over existing beginning programming books for various languages.
My observation is that they generally follow a pattern. They deal with
variable naming and types, then legal operations on those types, then
control structures, then functions, etc. (That may not be accurate; as I
said, look over the books themselves.) Most/all of this information can
be obtained from the php.net site.

Ashley's suggestion of coding a project is an outstanding idea. Coding
is a practical art, and requires practical application to be worth


Paul M. Foster

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