At 3:01 PM +0100 4/24/10, Ashley Sheridan wrote:
I look at some code I did a while back and shudder. It started off well
enough, but then feature creep set in and now it looks like a creation
of Frankenstein! I think it happens to all of us at some point, it just
depends how well we deal with it. I'd rather have less then stellar code
than have to tell a client it's going to take more time to add a feature
and then have them go elsewhere.


Ash et al:

Wait until you have 40 years of code to look back at. I'm not ashamed of any of any of my code for it was "best" that I could do I with the equipment I had.

Of course, reviewing the web sites I did in 1995, and comparing them with with I do today gives me pause. However, the tools that were available then were not what they are today.

So, when you are reviewing/analyzing your past work, you really have two things to consider: 1) What you created; 2) and the technology of the time.




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