It probably did because I added the line,

AddDefaultCharset UTF-8

to my .htaccess a few moments ago. :-)
"Michiel Sikma" <mich...@thingmajig.org> wrote in message 
> On 24 April 2010 16:07, Parham Doustdar <parha...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Ashley and Michiel,
>> It appears it is something in Apache or my server program on Windows (I 
>> am
>> using Uniform Server; a portable webserver from
>> http://www.uniformserver.com). The reason I got to such a conclusion is
>> this:
>> 1. I uploaded the pHP file to a free hosting website. Here is the URL:
>> http://blindmoviebuff.uphero.com/test2.php
>> 2. I put the same page in my www folder in Windows. Here's the address to
>> that:
>> http://parham-d.dyndns.org/test2.php
>> As you can see, the page on uphero.com displays without any encoding
>> changes
>> required by you, whereas the second has to be manual (for some reason).
> -snip-
> Actually, both of these work fine for me. I don't have to manually set the
> encoding to get the Farsi characters to show up in either of these links.
> I don't know why it wouldn't work for you. Maybe you should try a 
> different
> browser to make sure it isn't a cached setting. Adding the header() call
> that Ashley suggested also seems like a good idea.
> Michiel

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