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> hey-
> i have a page containing a form with a textarea field. The 
> first part of the page is a quick IP check to make sure the
> request is coming from my computer. Here's the code I'm
> confused about:
> <textarea rows="25" cols="80" name="news_info" [snip]>
> <?php
> readfile("lib/news_file.dat");
> ?>
> </textarea>
> <br><br>
> <input type="submit" name="submit">&nbsp;&nbsp;
> <input type="reset" name="reset"><br>
> -this part above reads in data from the news file and it's 
> put in between the textarea tags, so editing it is easier,
> then there is this part:
> <?php
> }
> if($submit)
> {
>     $fileh = fopen("lib/news_file.dat", "w");
>     fwrite($fileh, $news_info);
>     fclose($fileh);
> }
> ?>

Assuming the order of events in your script is as described above,
here's what's happening:

1st request: 
        script displays textarea (blank, or with old contents)
        $submit is unset, so no further action

2nd request:
        script displays textarea (blank, or with old contents)
        $submit is set, so *now* we write the new data out to the file

3rd request:
        script displays textarea with updated contents

So...I'd expect the answer is to make sure you're updating the file
*before* you look at its contents.

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