tedd wrote:
Hi gang:

Considering we recently had several people mention what games they play, it might be interesting to see what everyone plays.

As for me, I currently play "Modern Warfare 2" on XBOX. It's the most recent in a long line of war games (i.e., Call of Duty, Ghost Recon, etc.).

My gamer tag is "special tedd"

What's your game?

My games tend to focus on something the kids can have fun with too:

Mario Kart Wii (I love the kart franchise)
Super Mario Bros Wii (8 star coins to go in world 9)
Battle for Wesnoth
The Wii lego games (Indiana Jones, Batman, etc),

The last couple of days I've been giving Lord of Ultima a try since it's completely browser based (Javascript/HTML) and that piqued my interest. While it's well done as a web game, it's a bit too dependent on waiting for stuff to complete so it gets tedious. Still... it's an example of what can be done.

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